About us

Elm Nursery has been in Sutton Green for over 30 years – quite an incredible achievement!  The family run establishment (Mum Rita, Emma, Katie and Nan) has adapted to changes in demand over the years but has also maintained strong values.

The story started when Rita wanted a bigger back garden – she acquired a small farm shop and continued to grow and sell their produce.  When a large supermarket opened in Burpham, they lost their trade overnight.  Forced to diversify, Rita bought herself some books on growing plants and Elm Nursery was born!

Things were ticking along nicely when local farmer, Joe, needed a retail outlet for his locally reared beef, pork and lamb.  The timing was perfect and the farm shop was resurrected.  This now stocks a variery of produce which is constantly being added to, as they are passionate about supporting local businesses and suppliers.

Today, Elm Nursery remains a firm favourite amongst locals, as well as new and existing customers.

We are proud to support the work of the Brigitte Trust www.brigittetrust.org